• RezyFeature1 Manage operations with an incredible selection of features necessary in running a successful travel business.
  • RezyFeature12 REZY introduces versatility with a platform built to ease travel management by bringing everything together.
  • RezyFeature1 REZY comes in three interpretations, each designed to support a specific type of travel business.
REZY24 REZY24 is built for the travel service provider looking for a useful platform to manage and upload inventory, manage prices, resell content, book customers, send vouchers and more. This is the perfect REZY for
  • activities
  • transfer services
  • hospitality businesses
  • airlines
  • car rental companies
  • cruises
  • vehicle rentals
  • sports camps
  • tournaments
  • tour guides
  • and more
REZY100 REZY100 is the ultimate solution for travel management companies such as specialty travel companies, travel agents, tour operators and travel managers.

REZY is far more than just a B2C web portal. REZY’s back office system has everything travel managers need including an extended customer profile base, CRM, emailing capabilities, booking history, supplier access, pricing management, subagent control and invoice history.

Manage complete bookings from start to finish and give your trusting travelers the attention they love. REZY100 comes with great preloaded content from all over the world including hotels, tours, activities, transfers and lounge passes.
REZY360 REZY360 connects a global database of travel content to your membership or loyalty rewards program.

Reward your loyal customers with access to exclusive deals on global travel. REZY360 connects with your membership system and, based on the rules of your program, provides deals, discounts and points redemption for travel including flights, hotels, cars, activities, cruises, transfers and lounge passes.

REZY360 makes it easy to give your customers the rewards they love. Manage your customer base, adjust points value, control inventory, adjust pricing, access customer profiles and so much more when you reward loyalty with travel.
Reseller Access
Sometimes you have an exclusive offer you want to resell to your preferred sub agents or you create unique tours and want to be able to resell to preferred partners. REZY comes with an optional B2B reseller portal through which any chosen partner can buy resold travel content.
B2C Web Portal
Eager to sell online? REZY supports a powerful B2C engine where you can target customers directly and sell online with confidence 24/7. Once booked you can send out specialized itineraries, receipts and vouchers. Access millions of travelers booking trips online each year.
Satisfied with your current suppliers or looking to onboard new ones with more content? We provide integrations with a wide range of suppliers and some may be as simple as updating them with your live credentials.
Inventory Management
The REZY inventory module is the perfect tool to add independent inventory to your website. This is great for offline agreements with local travel service providers or hospitality businesses or your own activities. Add rates, dates, features, itineraries, images, locations, times, ratings and more.

The REZY inventory module is a primary feature of REZY24 which is built specifically for travel service providers including airlines, sports camps, tournaments, tour guides, transfer services and hotels but is available in each of the REZY platforms.
Preloaded Travel Content
REZY connects with suppliers, hotels, airlines, activity providers, transfer services, boutique hotels, independent service providers and more all over the world and brings them together to give a simple source of incredible travel content. We have connectivity with suppliers across the world ready to book and go all through a single, simple access point with REZY.
REZY has a built-in CRM with advanced profile search features and mass email capabilities. Maintain Profiles with important details empowering you to market to them during future sales. Create your own marketing options to better fit your business needs.
Looking for a unique solution for your one-of-a-kind travel business? We offer custom solutions to make your dreams come true with exclusive functionality. Our UI/UX teams will work with you to understand your needs and we will create, design and develop the necessary custom work to make it happen.
Pricing Management
REZY comes with resourceful options for managing prices based on times and dates, passengers traveling, discount options and fees. Manage pricing, commissions, mark-up rates, taxes and other financial essentials.
Maintain customer history and access your customer base at the click of a mouse. Search and filter through past bookings and clients to find everything you need. Profiles can be generated automatically through the website or manually through the back office.
Payment Gateway
REZY comes with a range of options for integrated payment gateways in markets around the world to support a variety of currencies and currency conversions.