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TravelCreed is home to a selection of businesses
which all cater to the dynamic aspects of the travel industry
and the unique businesses that make it so enjoyable.

These brands come together to compliment one another's strengths
and provide support to companies and the industry as a whole.

Between these brands TravelCreed provides technical support, human resources, project development, branding, marketing and investment opportunities.

TECHTUNERS is the technology branch of TravelCreed providing much needed software, application and technical support to the travel industry.

TECHTUNERS is a powerhouse of technical expertise with an army of developers ready to support new projects, develop innovative applications, fulfill project specifications, resource technical candidates and drive overall technical growth.

The TECHTUNERS team supports constant innovation and pushes for the latest trends in technology.

With a team of savvy technical professionals, TECHTUNERS provides software support and development as well as end-to-end testing for existing applications. The TechTuners team will find bugs, inconsistencies and errors and provide solutions and recommendations for improvement.

In addition to offshore project development and software services, TECHTUNERS provides on-site technical placement for travel industry companies looking to build their on-site teams.

BRAND2FLY is a branding and marketing service dedicated to growth and exposure for emerging businesses in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

BRAND2FLY helps businesses reach through the endless hashtags, pins, tweets and snaps of vacations to become the go-to vacation resource, destination or business.

With memorable branding and actionable marketing, BRAND2FLY helps business succeed in the travel and tourism market.

iZED is a travel and tourism incubator founded on the same philosophy of TechTuners and TravelCreed, to nurture and develop the growth of the travel and tourism realm through inspired work efforts and cutting edge technology.

iZED finds passion projects, entrepreneurial efforts, startups and technology concepts and invests with them to nurture their creation and development. If a project needs work space, a guiding hand, business know-how, funding or manpower, iZED will work to provide everything necessary to make the dream come true.