TravelCreed TravelCreed started as TechTuners in the year 2000 and has evolved into TravelCreed, a multinational company providing essential travel technology to businesses around the world with REZY.

TravelCreed also provides placement and consulting services within the technology and travel technology industry.
TechTuners TechTuners is the brand that started it all and grew to become TravelCreed. TechTuners has created and developed REZY from scratch and grew it to become a massively capable piece of travel technology in use around the world. TechTuners operates in India, United Arab Emirates and the United States.
Brand2Fly Brand2Fly is a branding, marketing and design team dedicated to emboldening the travel industry with new ideas, creative designs and invigorating concepts.
HyeBye Our B2C lifestyle portal offers 10,000+ activities in over 90 countries around the world. HYE:BYE also works with hospitality businesses to give customers local experiences.
Past, Present & Future
The year 2000 was a major turning point for humanity. Fears of Y2K leading to the collapse of our newfound dependence on technology were hushed as the clock struck midnight and life continued with no meltdowns, no collapsed economies and nothing but cheers and kisses across the world as we entered a new millennium.

Technology has led the travel industry in creating a new generation of globetrotters. More than ever before people are jet setting across the state, across their country and across the world in record numbers, multiplying every year. The year 2000 was just the start of what would become a massive boom in travel, technology and commerce.

Meanwhile, in 2001, across the ocean from where TravelCreed is now headquartered, a company called TechTuners opened its first office with optimism, dreams and a relentless, growing passion for travel and technology.
Travel technology has become the status quo. Millions of travel bookings are made online every year and the number of travelers continues to grow. The contribution of tourism to the global economy has grown into the trillions and shows no sign of slowing down. Every year technology opens new realms of possibilities and the industry takes another leap we never could have imagined.

We have crossed oceans, expanded our team, opened our doors in several countries and branched out into five brands. In 2017, we brought our businesses together under TravelCreed to better serve the travel industry as one unit, eager and as energetic as when we first opened. We have customers in all hemispheres, partners around the world and a great team of dedicated and intelligent travel industry experts working together for the further growth of the global travel economy.

We eagerly await whatever the future holds in store for TravelCreed.
The past is long gone, the present is fleeting but the future will never fade away. The future is difficult to predict and the best way to prepare for whatever tomorrow holds is with a driving optimism. The travel industry is booming and will continue to grow and prosper as technology paves the way for innovation and new ideas.

We will grow stronger than we have ever been and continue to push forward, fueled by that same energy that has kept us going since we launched as a small startup in India 18 years ago. With our headquarters in San Jose, California, we are in the hub of innovation, breathing the air of the Silicon Valley giants and excited for the future.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the TravelCreed family.
Our Company The importance of travel has been cited, sourced and proclaimed by people from all sides of history. From the early days of humans when at some point in time a wide-eyed child grunted pleasure at the sight of new land, to every month's statistics of the billions of dollars spent within the travel industry, travel has made a monumental impact.

It is no secret that travel gives way to a wealth of experience that will shape you for years to come. To be a bird in the sky, streaking across the continent for better temperatures or to be a backpacker hiking up a mountain across the world from where they learned to tie their shoes is an invigorating feeling of freedom.

Cultural experiences in different regions of the world, sharing in laughter with generations of families, spending an evening seeing new things with the one you love or basking in the solitude of freedom beneath the starry night sky in the crisp winter are all just small parts of what makes travel special.

TravelCreed takes this all to heart as we embrace change, explore possibilities and innovate the industry.

The Age of Exploration is the name of a time long past, but the age of exploring is endless and we hope to make it a little better.