Finance Management
Tourism Boards We consult, invest and work alongside tourism boards to build a strong foundation upon which you can flourish as a market.

We provide consultations and advice based on decades of experience within the travel industry. We perform extensive market research into successes and failures, ailments and achievements and demographics to find the best way for your region to excel as a destination.

We operate in countries across the world with clients and partners in all regions with a breadth of experience in all markets. Travel opens the world and those same ideas that helped grow the global travel economy, will be taken into consideration as we work with tourism boards to increase inbound tourism.

We utilize beautiful design work and technology to elevate the offers of all regions. Tourism boards are encouraged to contact us to see how we can work together.
Finance Management
Finance TravelCreed works with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to provide travel content for reward redemptions. With REZY360, TravelCreed’s robust booking engine and travel management platform, partners have access to preloaded travel content, points conversion management systems and more.

We work with banks around the world meeting high standards of compliance and versatility in our technology to match the needs of different programs. TravelCreed also provides premium services for high-end clients and can cater a unique web portal for your most valued clients.

If you are interested in REZY360 please contact a TravelCreed representative today.
Travel TravelCreed is dedicated to improving the global travel industry by making it more accessible through technology, more capable through delivery and more captivating by experience.

TravelCreed’s REZY is a unique product created and built to better the travel industry the world over. REZY is a powerful back office system which powers a user-friendly B2C web portal giving travel businesses, travel service providers and loyalty programs access to millions of travelers each year.

Aside from our own travel technology, TravelCreed delivers custom work for any travel business in need of technical support. Our team of developers traverse the globe building ticketing systems, performing API integrations, developing custom web portals and more.

If you are a travel business in need of technology, TravelCreed is here for you.
Travel Air
Airlines TravelCreed provides support for airlines related technology including API integrations to GDS providers or independent APIs, custom web portals, ticketing systems and more.

We also provide travel content to airlines to provide ancillary services and items for travelers looking for more complete travel solutions.

TravelCreed is the perfect partner for any airline looking to develop content, propel technology, distribute an API, or next your airline to the next level with the latest technology.

Create a loyalty management system with REZY360 for your airline giving customers more reason to spend and travel. Enhance their trips by adding preloaded content from TravelCreed to your loyalty system giving customers the ability to build complete trips through your portal with hotels, transfers, car rentals, activities and more.

TravelCreed’s REZY360 is the perfect tool to launch and host a capable web portal, rewards program and back office system to engage customers.
Insurance Enhance your offers by giving clients access to rewards that will encourage them to stay loyal to your brand. Provide access to affordable or discounted travel content with partners, reward chosen activities, encourage safety and wellness and more.

Actively engage customers by encouraging them to gain points and spend for great travel content including hotels, flights, car rentals, activities and more.
Loyalty An effective way to generate repeat business is by offering great rewards to loyal customers. TravelCreed works with loyalty providers to add enticing travel content to rewards programs including flights, hotels, car rentals, transfer services, activities and more.

With REZY360 you have control of points management, pricing, travel options, access to customer portals a B2C website and more.

If your company is eager to engage with customer but does not have an existing loyalty program, TravelCreed provides the services to create the program that will engage your customers and encourage spending of points.