Guiding the future of travel
technology to new horizons

TravelCreed is the essence of service excellence, stability in all weather, with a determination to be successful in every situation.


TravelCreed provides a collection of travel technology platforms called Rezy24, Rezy360 and RezyLite. The Rezy platform provides end-to-end enterprise solutions to different businesses in the travel industry. Users can make inventory changes, reservations, update pricing, check contracts, contact customers and more on the go, at home or in the office.


TravelCreed supports all aspects of the travel and tourism industry with a collection of brands that compliment and support one another. Through all subsidiary brands, TravelCreed is able to work in all aspects of the travel industry including technology, recruiting, branding, marketing, investing, sales, providing content and more.


TravelCreed offers two marketplace services with a B2C and a B2B portal. The B2C portal, is a lifestyle service which takes the fleeting moments between a quick "Hi" and a quicker "Bye" to make it special. TravelsBond is a B2B travel content aggregator with a sub-agent community and a feed of travel content.

Travel is an entire industry based on happiness that succeeds when a traveler smiles.