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Our Story
Sculpted by years of experience and a passion for travel, TravelCreed is committed to connecting the world’s travel and tourism providers with the technology to make destinations bookable worldwide. Our passion for travel and tourism comes from the idea that travel is a great contributor to connecting people from all cultures.
We believe that every company on every corner of the globe should be empowered to grow their business. We are making travel and tourism discoverable to everyone with powerful digital transformations. Our products and services have improved world tourism GDP, contributing to local, regional, and global tourism.
As a diverse company with a global footprint, we work every day to help travelers plan, book, and enjoy travel. We consult with companies globally, offering faster cost-effective solutions enabling businesses to increase engagement, transactions, and revenue.
Why TravelCreed
The high cost of technology is leading to less adoption by countries throughout the world. While we celebrate the Internet’s success, we see an infinite number of travel industry businesses unable to compete. Thinning profit margins and an increased cost of transactions is prohibiting companies from investing in the world-class technology needed to improve infrastructure and train staff.
As travel industry businesses struggle, so does the customer experience resulting in less tourism. TravelCreed sees the world full of culture, diversity, and history with an infinite potential for tourism growth. Our creed is to change the destiny of the destination by aspiring to make all the world’s tourist locations and experiences accessible, bookable, and discoverable.
Our Partnership Model
Our model for customer engagement is a partnership model to drive business growth with the most modern innovative technology available. TravelCreed has invested time and resources to counter and meet the challenges of the global travel industry, offering competitive low-cost procurement.
We are committed to helping businesses integrate digital transformations with robust branding, marketing, and technology services. As an experienced proven global travel industry company, we work every day with clients to make the traveler journey and the world a more connected place. At the same time, we are building trustful long-term partnerships.
Our Vision
Our vision is to expand creativity among travel industry businesses globally, elevating them by integrating our proprietary technologies while at the same time offering them customized modern products and services to increase their share of the global travel market. Ultimately, we are rewarding tourists and making the world a more connected, understanding place.
TravelCreed is building the travel ecosystem, enabling travel service providers to better facilitate travel distribution. We continue to increase travel industry businesses profitability worldwide by leveling the playing field and reducing transaction costs.
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© 2019 TravelCreed