Meet our dynamic global leaders
Founder & CEO
Ilyas Zameer
Ilyas is a travel evangelist, travel technologist, and enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has seen many successes through his work and believes with a passion that the travel industry is capable of rescuing the world from itself. Ilyas Zameer is the Founder of TravelCreed, REZY360.com, and TravelMeetTravel.com.
Vice President - Business Development
Srinivas Damerla
An accomplished business development professional with over 28 years in the software industry, Srinivas’ has experience leading teams in Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Client Engagement, and Relationships and Customer Support. His background also includes business acquisition into Enterprise Software Automation, Cloud Computing, Big Data and CRM solutions for large and medium scale organizations.
Managing Director
Mohamed Farag
A technology leader, Mohamed brings to TravelCreed more than 25 years of software development, IT industry, and leadership experience. He has successfully managed companies throughout Egypt and the Middle East. Working on international projects, he has served public and enterprise sectors in several countries with the highest quality in consultancy, IT enabled services, assessment, strategic planning, teambuilding and leadership development.
Chief Experience Officer
Shahid Hussain
Shahid’s unique design expertise includes managing conceptual, strategic and elements of User Interface, Human Factors Engineering and User Experience Analysis. He has developed technology solutions for clients across many industries.
Director of Business Development
Rajab Itambo
With over 15 years of hands-on business development experience, Rajab manages current accounts and opens new markets and subsidiaries across East Africa. Prior to TravelCreed, Rajib worked for travel technology provider Travelport.
Managing Director
Chris Juden
Chris has a background working with travel technology companies, including Travelchat Ltd., Travelport, and Opodo. His understanding of vendor management is exceptional to the lead the U.K. TravelCreed team.
Community Marketing Officer
David Andre
Having over 30 years of travel industry experience working for tourism boards, David is also a lecturer in Tourism Destination Marketing at San Jose State University. His experience includes collaborating with airlines, hoteliers, travel agencies, tour operators, transportation companies, and visitor attractions.
Managing Director
M. Kalum Sayed
Speaking four languages, Kalum Sayed brings decades of airlines and travel industry sales and marketing strategy and development to TravelCreed. He has worked as Business Manager for the Middle East market for Paris, France inbound tour operator Monde Sans Frontieres (MSF) and for Air France. For Amadeus, he drove the sales and marketing efforts throughout Saudi Arabia to increase GDS market share.
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© 2019 TravelCreed