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Retain & Engage Customers
Customer retention is critical for insurance providers since customers traditionally have a record of very low engagement. Companies need to focus on engaging customers on every touch point in the insurance process. An optimal way to meet this objective is to offer existing customers a robust Loyalty and Rewards program to improve the customer experience and increase long-term loyalty.
Loyalty & Rewards
Set-up your own point accrual system and see customer transactions and spending with your business increase. Our all-in-one management solution comes complete with valuable global travel rewards that can be easily integrated on to your current platform. Global travel content includes activities, airlines, airport lounge passes and transfers, car rentals, cruises, hotels, tour packages, and much more.

One partner health provider has come up with a customized program to reward its members by offering rewards points for staying healthy and fit. Being innovative and creating value with an effective loyalty and rewards program is key to keep customers coming back.
iProfiler & Communicator
Our customizable iCRM automates and uplifts your insurance business, giving it a centralized location to store all your customer data. Using the system’s Profiler, you can manage your customers, employees, and partners seamlessly on one platform. Also, engage your customer at every touch point with valuable communication tools. Within the system, you can send emails, marketing messages, and SMS text messages, keeping customers engaged in your business.
24x7 Support
Sometimes a phone call is required, other times a quick email is enough. Whatever works best, works for us. Our travel support includes chat, email, help desk and call support for any issue that might arise whether it be technical or booking.
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