All-in-one travel management
for your business
Empower and simplify the travel management process. Look inside and see that REZY gives your business everything it needs to book, sell, and manage travel all within a powerful all-in-one travel management system. Robust features include a customized booking engine, iCRM, docket and inventory management tools, loyalty & rewards capability, reports, history, and currency convertor modules, and much more.
REZY’s features include your own customized loyalty and rewards redemption program. Set your own bronze, silver, or gold rewards tier management, monitor accrual, redeem transactions, and easily access redemption reports and redemption reconciliation.

Valuable pre-loaded travel content includes 10,000 + activities in over 90 countries, 500 airport lounges from over 150 airports, 16 car rentals, flights to thousands of destinations, hundreds of thousands of hotels, tour packages, shows, and more.
With REZYCorp, simplify the corporate travel booking process and remove the lack of financial visibility and transparency of employee travel. Employees will have less paperwork and more time to work as travel requests are easily submitted and approved before letting your travel admin do the rest.

Have all your employee travel centralized on one customized platform that includes your own built-in booking engine. With so many options and hundreds of travel booking sites, it’s essential for companies now more than ever to find their own employee travel solution.
A solution built for total travel management
Get to know your business partners, passengers, and travelers with extensive profiles, essential information, and important dates. You can personalize your client’s travel preferences in detail, create a record of “bucket list” destinations, and input loyalty and travel rewards information. Users can also easily build a wide range of profiles to manage customers, employees, and suppliers. Search for profiles and find various profile types including Agent, Reseller, Corporate, Leisure, Vendor, and Supplier.
Take control of your bottom line with complete control over pricing, commissions, rates, and markups. Valuable options empower users to set any and all requirements for special discounts, high volume rate increases, and more. Extend your business reach and customer base worldwide by staying in business 24/7 with a company branded B2C portal and booking engine. REZY Portal includes multilingual, B2C interface and ability to host several portals off a single back office.
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