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Project-Based Outsourcing
We support our customers with project based outsourcing. With resources into varied technologies, we help customers meet their technical requirements and desired deliverables. Our model encourages customers to outsource projects, so they can have their own dedicated team to take on the job. This results in little to no disruption to regular operations.
Typical services included are engagement project-based SMEs, functional, technical teams, training, knowledge transfer, build documentation around the project, signoffs, design, code, testing, and deployment. Project management and business communication plays a key role in such engagements.
Both offshore and on-shore team members help advise and audit your business to help elevate its success. Let our experienced travel technology experts give your business the intelligent insights and solutions it needs to propel it to the next level.
Engagement Models
We have both flexible engagement models and contractual. We typically work on FP and T&M engagement models. We also work on hybrid models based on the client requirements and needs. We recommend client specific engagement models based on the project status quo.
Also, we keep the contractual simple for a project to project basis. Many organizations have built their software assets by outsourcing. This model has become a strategic management tool for most modern organizations.
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