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Technology Services
TravelCreed dedicates teams to research new technologies in order to adopt them into our mature and proven processes. When client’s and partners develop new technology initiatives or application developments, it is likely that we already have developed practices and processes suitable for that technology. In doing so, we enable clients to maintain high levels of technology advancement.
Services include application development and management, consulting, on and offshore development, product engineering, software testing and implementation, training, quality assurance, and 24/7 support.
Application Engineering
In today's connected world, a client-centric organization needs to stay close to the leading edge of the technology curve to maintain market competitiveness and meet clients' expectations. Our development process consists of a complete Software Development Life Cycle that includes: Requirement Analysis, Architecture and Design, Build and Unit Testing, and System and Integration Testing of the application.
Our expertise in methodologies like Waterfall, RUP, Iterative, Agile and Extreme, and architectures like Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services result in cost-effective solutions. We use defined metrics to measure the status of each SDLC phase. Through experience in developing new technology-based Applications, we reduce the risk for our clients in their new business endeavours.
Quality Assurance (QA)
At TravelCreed, we realize that product development and the services we provide must be of the highest-standard. To adhere to quality delivery to our clients, we follow stringent QA and testing practices for every project we deliver. From tested in-house standards, we offer clients success-proven methodology on QA and testing of internal or external applications.
OffShore Development
We offer both onsite and offshore development price competitive models. Our offshore model includes a combination of an onsite project coordinator with our talented offshore delivery team in full synchronization of the project. Having an onsite person coordinating between the customer and the offshore team is an effective method of ensuring project success.
Product Engineering
TravelCreed offers access to innovation and leading technologies, adherence to best practices, decrease in time-to-market, high-quality talent, and much more. Moreover, we have the ability to maximize a company’s budget by paying less for considerably higher quality software.
Among other features, our offshore team includes product architecture, developers, QA and testing experts, product documentation, and implementation resources. Our product customization, enhancements, support, helpdesk and product knowledge teams complete the end to end lifecycle of product development services. What more, investing into our offshore teams will ensure every cent invested is valued and delivered.
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